Designed in the Jura Mountains of France, the Julbo brand is well established in the field of Mountaineering and Exploring sunglasses. Julbo is renowned  for their excellent design to give protection from the Sun and harmful U.V. rays by both frame design and quality of lenses.

Over the years, Julbo have expanded their ranges to cover many other sports and pastimes. These now include specialist designed frames for everything from Cycling, Trail running through to Watersports and stylish leisurewear. All the frames are available with Julbo’s technical range of prescription sunglasses lenses.

Julbo prescription lenses cater for those who need a simple tint on the lens, through to category 2-4 light adapting sunglass lenses which are also polarised. Julbo lens technology even means that the light adapting properties are not affected by temperature, purely by the U.V. light content. This means they are quick to react to lighting changes in all weather conditions.

Other features of the Julbo prescription lenses include Anti-Fog, Water Repellent, Oil Repellent and contrast enhancers.  All Julbo prescription lenses are Optical Class 1 vision and protection from U.V, B and C rays.

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Sportspecsonline only supply Julbo prescription sunglasses fitted with genuine Julbo prescription lenses.  These are manufactured in their own highly technical lens laboratory in the Jura mountains in France.

The ONLY exceptions to this is for the Cham and Vermont mountaineering frames, where Julbo do NOT make prescription lenses for these frames.

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