Prescription Help


Knowing your pupil distance measurement will help us ensure that your lenses are fitted into the frame in the correct position. In order for you to experience maximum visual acuity we need to be able to position the centre of each prescription lens directly in front of your pupils. Some Opticians will gladly give you this measurement if you request it but many will refuse as they don’t want their customers saving money and buying glasses on the internet. If, however the Opticians you visit has it’s own website then you can always be a little cheeky and tell them that you want the measurement so you can buy from their website.

Here’s how to take your own Pupil Distance measurement:

1. Stand directly in front of a non magnified mirror at a distance of around 7 inches

2. Take your measuring rule and place it just above your lower eye lids. Or, if you prefer, you can place it on your forehead just above your upper lids.

3. Close your right eye.

4. Align the Zero mark on the ruler directly in the middle of your left eye pupil.

5. Now close your left eye and open your right one.

6. Look directly into the mirror and check which number on the ruler is in line with the centre of your pupil. This is your PD measurement!


You can repeat this process a couple of times just to ensure that you get a consistant result. Most mens pupil distancemeasurements are between 60mm to 65mm, for most women it is usually between 58mm to 63mm.


Guidelines to Understand Your Prescription.

Very few people will have all of the boxes in their prescription completed, so dont worry if you have gaps, just enter the value as 0.

All prescriptions are split into Right Eye and a Left Eye, and each eye has boxes for Sph, Cyl and Axis and Add measurements.
Be Aware! The figures in these boxes will always feature a plus (+) or minus (-) sign – please ensure that you select the number with the correct sign!

1.Start with your right eye (helpfully on the left hand side of the page) enter your Sphere measurement by choosing the correct drop down selection. NB. plano, ∞, 0 and if the box is left blank – it means you have a zero sphere measurement so please select 0.00.

2.Moving to the next box to the right, enter the Cylinder figure for the right eye. In addition to the symbols mentioned above used to represent 0.00, If your optician has written DS simply select the 0.00 drop down.

3.Moving to the right gain to the Axis box, if there is a figure, enter the Axis measurement, which will be a number between 0 and 180 (so no + or – symbols). If there is NO axis reading, please enter 0.

4.There may be a figure in the Addition, Add or Near box on your prescription. This refers to the additional power needed for reading, and is usually the same for both eyes. However, it is not usually required for sports eyewear, so please enter 0.

5.If there are any measurements for Prisms please contact us, since not all manufacturers are able to supply lenses with Prism’s.

6.Now repeat the process for your left eye.

               If you are still unsure then please Contact Us.