Shown Below are the full range of Julbo Lens options available with prescription lenses. Each of the Julbo prescription sport lenses has its own unique properties to help enhance your performance.



Spectron 3 Grey
Spectron 3 Grey Fixed tint lens


Spectron 3 Brown Fixed tint lens


Spoectron 4 Brown Fixed tint lens


Spectron 3 Grey Polarised


Spectron 3 Brown Polarised


Spectron 3 Green Polarised




Reactive Performance 0-3 Smoked. Photochromic for darkness to bright sunlight. Ideal for endurance sports.


Reactive Performance 1-3 Red base, Photochromic with contrast enhancer, replaces Zebra Light Red.


Reactiv Performance 1-3 Yellow Base with light amplifier, Photochromic, replaces Zebra Light Lens.


Reactiv Performance 2-4 Gold base offers fast reactivity, replaces the Zebra 2-4 Photochromic lens, super high reactive.





Reactiv All Around 2-3 Red base with Glare Control, Photochromic. All Around offers clear contrasted vision.


Reactiv Nautic 2-3 Grey/Blue. Water repellent, Photochromic and Polarized, ideal for watersports.


Reactiv High Mountain 2-4 Brown. Photochromic and Polarized, ideal for mountaineering, trekking and skiing.